Eberlestock H31 Bandit Pack

Eberlestock H31 Bandit Pack

15th Oct 18 ~

A big Thank You to all those who've patiently waited for us while we sort out the Eberlestock product listing!

First Eberlestock pack that we'd like to feature is the Bandit Pack. The Bandit Pack is a fairly small pack, compact with a fairly clean look. Inside, it opens up to a fairly spacious interior. I could fit a pair of shoes and a change of clothes fairly comfortably without stressing the zippers. On the inside, there is one long compartment to hold longer items and the other side has a smaller compartment with pockets to keep smaller items organised, e.g. pens, cables. 2 side pockets allow for bottles / umbrella. The top compartment also has a mesh pocket and a ring to attach keys.

While the straps look a tad bit narrow, the cushioning is fairly thick. Same for the back panel where 2 long vertical rows of cushion runs almost parallel downwards. 

Overall, I like this bag for it's compactness, not too hardcore tactical look and it's snug fit. Enough for a day's worth

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