It all started with a backpack… Back in 2015, one of the guys in the defence industry tried on an Arctery’x Leaf Khard. Everything felt great on the backpack, the suspension system was comfortable, the clamshell opening was pure packing bliss. The wolf grey colour blended into the urban settings perfectly without drawing any unwanted attention. There was no turning back from there. A backpack is no longer just a backpack. A backpack is a serious piece of gear meant to carry loads over distances as comfortably as possible. Purchasing a backpack is an art of finding a fine balance between materials, design and price.

Hitchhikers was started in 2018 by a group of guys from diverse backgrounds. Though their careers and lifestyles are different from one another, they share a common need, the need for a good backpack or bag. This is also a common need for the everyday person. We all need a good backpack or bag that allows us to carry the things we need for work and play, comfortably. The principle of Hitchhikers is simple, ‘We sell products we love’. Hitchhikers only curate a range of high performance bags and gears that we love to use ourselves. We look at products not by what sells, rather we look at products based on the materials used, the design, the ergonomics as well as the intended use. We scour the globe to bring high performance products and gear to the discerning individual who demands serious performance and excellent value for money. Hitchhikers is based in Singapore but ships worldwide.