Eberlestock Kite

18th Oct 18 ~

Eberlestock Kite

The Eberlestock Kite Pack was one of the items I really looked forward to receiving right after the order was placed. This pack being huge, didn't feel too heavy when I first carried it without any load inside (comparatively some packs while smaller, felt heavier even before putting any load). The Aramid fabric felt fairly tough and kept it's shape quite nicely when not packed fully. Weather resistant zippers gives full frontal access to the main compartment while the roll-top allows for slight expansion on occasions where you need to overpack a little. In the main compartment, there are hydration hooks and sleeve on both sides. The Gossamer frame also adds support to the back panel. Overall, this is one of my favourite no-frills pack that almost feels like a lightweight luggage with well padded carrying option.

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