Hitchhikers Wasp CP6 information release!

              Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to reveal the Hitchhikers Wasp CP6. It is a collaborative effort between Hitchhikers SG and Coffee & Perspective. A link to the product description is included below. But before that, please allow me to share some of my personal thoughts.

              As some may know, at Hitchhikers SG, we are all about family and friends. We started this journey of creating backpacks and gear not because there are no high quality, well-designed backpacks out there. On the contrary, there are many outstanding backpacks in the market. It doesn’t matter whether the use case is in the tactical world, hiking world or office carry, it is not difficult to find good quality backpacks. Hitchhikers SG started because we wanted to create backpacks that are uniquely ours, something that ticks off most, if not all, the boxes in our list. Our design philosophy is to build urban packs with materials and concepts from the tactical world. Building packs and gear that last and are versatile. Gear that would not break the bank but can serve in a variety of roles because all of us at Hitchhikers juggle many different hats and responsibilities, same as most of our friends and supporters.   

              The idea for the Hitchhikers Wasp CP6 was seeded quite some time ago. Today, after all the hard work that the team has put in, I am extremely proud to show it to you. While Wasp CP6 is a limited edition pack, it is also the base for Wasp 2.0. If you like the pack but don’t care for the patch or the color, fret not. We will be releasing the Wasp 2.0 in other colors and materials in the very near future. I hope the Wasp CP6 (and Wasp 2.0), will serve you well and bring a smile to your face each time you use it.


P.S. Oh, in case it is not clear on the webstore, all prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD). That means that Wasp CP6 is about $330 USD and the woven patch is about $78 USD before shipping.





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