Mystery Ranch Invader

30th July 2018

Today's listing is a hot favourite amongst all bikers, serious or casual. This messenger bag is spacious yet keeps your items conveniently within reach. The heavily padded shoulder straps ensure comfort even with heavier loads. Coupled with a one inch strap that goes under your arm to clip back onto the main strap, the Mystery Ranch Invader is securely wrapped around you even when you swing around to manoeuvre heavy traffic. A removable small pocket attaches to the main strap to allow access to necessities like your mobile phone or keys. The spacious lid flaps open to a main compartment with a smaller zipped pocket and a sleeve for organising your items. Front of the bag beneath the lid is a smaller zipped pocket with pockets to hold your writing instruments and a wallet compartment.

Overall, this messenger bag is extremely comfortable with well thought through design enabling easy access to your items. Weather sealed with YKK zippers to ensure your items stay dry.

Mystery Ranch Invader

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