We are now OPEN!... Next new item listing on 27th July 2018

26th July 2018 is indeed a GREAT day! HitchHikers.SG web store is now launched!

To thank our friends who followed us on our Carousell or eBay store, we stumbled upon a treasure trove of NOS (New Old Stock) Mystery Ranch goodies. Some of these babies are not made anymore. We’ll be revealing and putting these babies up for sale periodically so check back on our page regularly or sign up for our newsletters!

First up is a gem that you can find in the stores. What’s so special about ours is that we’ve included a waist belt made by Mystery Ranch just for this pack. I’m going to stop rambling and let the teaser pictures do their thing

Last but not least... we are running our opening month discount of 10% off all items (only for purchases through our web store) from now till 31st August 2018... do look out for our promo code

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