The Best - Reborn...

Extracted from Eberlestock Newsletter

The G2 Gunslinger II - one of the most popular packs we've ever designed - is getting a modernising makeover!

The pack includes a number of new features including laser-cut MOLLE panels combined with 10mm MOLLE-10 webbing on the top and sides. The Index II Tubular aluminium frame with shelf has been replaced with our low-profile M-Type Tubular aluminium frame, which allows the pack to be compressed to near-flat when empty while maintaining the pack's outstanding load bearing ability. External compression straps are scaled down to 25mm, and inside you will find several changes designed to lighten and lean-out the pack, as well as some new Nylon panels which will accommodate soon-to-be-released accessories.

The G2 is one of the most versatile and compact packs ever built, and is popular with war-fighters, law enforcement, PRS competitors, and predator hunters. The new lighter, leaner edition is a home run. Check it out.




Volume: 2,100 ci plus 600 ci scabbard = 2,700 ci Total

Weight: 6.6 lbs / 2.99 kg

Colours: Coyote, Dry Earth, Military Green, Multicam, Black

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