Hitchhikers Cutlery Pouch

$45 SGD

A cutlery pouch designed to hold all your reusable straws, eating utensils including a pair of chopsticks! 3 separate compartments to hold different utensils. Hook and loop enclosure to make sure all the utensils stay in the pouch and a small loop area for ranger eyes or morale patches. 

*Straws and cutlery not included


- 3 compartments


- Genuine licensed Crye Multicam Black Cordura fabric (500 Denier), Crye Multicam Cordura fabric (500 Denier), Crye Multicam Black VX50 fabric, Crye Multicam VX33 fabric  

- Genuine licensed Crye Multicam and Multicam Black loop Velcro


Dimensions: 25 cm (H) x 11 cm (W)

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