Hitchhikers Mosquito (Larvae)

$138 SGD

HitchHikers Mosquito (Larvae)

Same as the Mosquito, but with kid-friendly features. Designed to hold only the most essentials while keeping you nimble and quick (Hence the name Mosquito!). Built using fabrics with cute prints and reinforced with high visibility pack cloth in the interior. Duraflex Slik clips aid in easy fuss-free attachment to a bigger parent pack. 

Fits 1 water bottle or milk bottle on each of the external bottle pcokets. Carrying handle at the top for easy carrying. Fits a jacket, wet wipes and some spare clothes in the main compartment. 


- Compact size at 3l capacity, ideal for basic essentials for a short walk

- External side bottle pockets

- Removable/Adjustable sternum strap

- Stowaway shoulder straps for standalone carry or piggy back mounting

- Quick attach system for piggy back carry on bigger packs


- Hi Visibility pack cloth 

- ITW/Duraflex Side Release buckles

- Duraflex Split Bar sternum guides

- Duraflex Slik clips


34cm by 22cm

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