Hitchhikers Tripod seat cover

$38 SGD

The ubiquitous tripod seat... most of us would have one either at home or in the car. Perfect for picnics, outdoor performances or out in the field for the men and women who serve (Thank you for your service!). These tripod seats are affordable and convenient. but more often than not, the seat will tear after prolong usage and it doesn't come in Multicam!! So what we did was to make a replacement cover that you can just fit over the existing seat and voila! you're good to go. 


Fits well on the Decathlon tripod seat and would fit other brands as well. 



- Genuine licensed Crye Multicam Cordura fabric (500 Denier), Crye Multicam Tropic Cordura fabric (500 Denier)

**This is just for the seat cover, seat not included!!

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