Hitchhikers Wasp CP6

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Hitchhikers x Coffee & Perspective Wasp CP6

    Over three years have passed since the idea for the Wasp CP6 was first conceived. Now, in 2023, the Wasp CP6 is finally done and ready to be released into the world in early June. A purpose-built pack designed to conquer the urban jungle and beyond,



Proudly introducing the Wasp CP6

    Wasp CP6 is a limited-edition release of the new Hitchhikers Wasp 2.0. The designation, CP6, stands for Coffee and Perspective 6. Coffee and Perspective is created and run by the same artistic maestro behind some of the ultra-cool military art of various special forces operators from Singapore’s Special Operations Force, British Special Air Service, Germany’s Kommando Spezialkräfte and many more. Marc has also created some of the most coveted morale patches like the Tactical Berserker and Tactical Boba Fett.

    The original Hitchhikers Wasp was born in 2018 and is a pack designed for the urban jungle. It combines durability, versatility and clean aesthetics for the concrete jungle.  It was Hitchhikers first step into the world of backpacks. Now, with feedback from end-users and our own experiences, we’re proud to launch the limited-edition Wasp CP6. Upgraded with cutting edge materials and innovative features, while maintaining the same features that worked well. Only 50 were made.

    Before we dive into the features of the Wasp CP6, let’s take a moment to talk about the patches.

 Wasp CP6 patches

   The Wasp CP6 patch features a half flesh half skeletal wasp framed in a shield, like a military unit insignia. This follows the Hitchhikers design philosophy of overbuilding products using materials, techniques and more importantly concepts, from the tactical world. The inspiration of a half flesh half skeletal wasp is drawn from the versatility of the Wasp backpack. While the Wasp line of backpacks is primarily designed for the urban jungle and travel, it is equally at home in the great outdoors. Marc Lee pulled off an incredible job here bringing the Wasp patch to life. The two faces of the Wasp also showcase the two personalities of the pack. To the onlooker, the pack is clean and unassuming, pretty much the average backpack on the streets. To the user, the pack is loaded with the right number of features and organization, making it a badass pack.

   The Wasp CP6 patch comes in 3 flavours; full color woven patch, grey leather patch and brown leather patch.

     A total of 150 full color woven patches of the Wasp CP6 will be available for sale. Each patch measures approximately 12 by 10 cm and comes with a numbered artcard.


    The grey leather Wasp CP6 patch comes with the purchase of the Wasp CP6 pack. The patch measures approximately 9.5 by 7.5 cm and comes with a numbered artcard as well.


    The brown leather Wasp Cp6 patch is a patch made only for family and close friends. These patches are extremely limited in number, about 10 and are only given out.

 Now onto the Wasp CP6 details!

   The Wasp CP6 is a purpose-built pack standing at approximately 18L. It is what we consider a good size for Every Day Carry and office carry. It features 2 compartments, work compartment and lifestyle compartment. It epitomizes, “Party at the front, business at the back”. Laptops, documents, and electronics are carried in the work compartment while groceries or gym clothes and shoes are carried in the front. The Wasp CP6 continues with our tradition of having clean aesthetics and takes it a step further. You will find no PALs webbing for any attachments nor loop panels for sticking on patches or tags. This clean aesthetics presents a low profile, making it convenient for public transport and less of a target in the crowded urban areas. There are 4 handles all around the pack. The top and side handles are double layered for a more comfortable hold either in the profile or briefcase mode. The handle at the bottom of the pack affords easy retrieval from overhead bins on aircraft or trains. Other than the top handle, the side and bottom handles features attachment points for compression straps, the Hitchhikers Mosquito or beavertails.


   A familiar front dump-all compartment with minimalistic branding offers quick access to small miscellaneous items such as sunglasses, keys, napkins or pens.


   New on the Wasp CP6 is a bottom access compartment for jackets, foldable umbrellas and rain covers.


     As with the original Wasp, Wasp CP6 has the discreet pocket at the back for travel documents, cash or sensitive items when security is paramount. It’s also a perfect place for an Apple Airtag.


     In place of nylon triglides, Wasp CP6 now sports aluminum triglides with anodized grey finishing.

    The lifestyle compartment is decked out in an orange liner for better visibility under low light conditions. A strip of four-inch loop runs down the back of the lifestyle compartment. This strip of loop allows users to attach hook backed pouches or morale patches. The front of the lifestyle compartment consists of two zippered mesh pockets and a zipper fabric pocket.



    The business compartment is where the serious stuff is held. This compartment is padded all around to protect laptops and other electronics. Two mesh sleeves to hold stationary, namecards and portable electronics. Two false bottom full sleeves to hold documents, framesheets and laptops. The sleeve can hold up to fifteen-inch laptops. Anything bigger would go into the compartment itself. This compartment is expanded from the original Wasp to hold all the work items. Users would be able to separate work and lifestyle items without having to dig through one to get to the other.


     The last but not the least finishing touch is on the shoulder straps. Each shoulder strap comes with an aluminum loop to allow the user to maintain adjustability on the length of the strap while preventing the extra length from flopping around.

 Finally, let’s talk material

   We traditionally make packs using 500D Cordura™. Cordura™ is tough, light and easy to repair. While we like our Cordura™, we decided to spice things up a little. This pack is made with Challenge Sailcloth EPX400 recycled polyester fabric. EPX400 contains 100% recycled polyester and offers good durability and water proofness. The interior is lined with 420d low density orange pack cloth to give excellent contrast in low light conditions. The webbing used meets the MIL 17337 standards while the loop meets the Mil-Spec AA55126A standard. YKK reverse coi zippers and aluminum hardware complete the list of materials used for this pack.

 Parting words

   The Wasp CP6 is a collaborative effort between Hitchhikers and Coffee & Perspective. It is the brand-new Wasp 2.0 in a limited-edition colorway. Designed for urbanites with active lifestyles, the Wasp 2.0 is versatile, perfect for work and play. Built to last, we hope that the Wasp CP6 will serve you well for years to come.



  • 5 external accessible compartments
    • Front dump all pocket
    • Front jacket/rain cover pocket
    • Lifestyle compartment
    • Padded business compartment
    • Discrete back pocket for travel documents and money
  • Large lifestyle compartment with 4” loop on rear for hook backed pouches, zippered mesh and fabric pockets
  • Clamshell opening for ease of access to lifestyle compartment
  • 2 false bottom internal sleeves in rear of business compartment for documents and laptops, mesh zippers for namecards, stationary and electronics on front of business compartment
  • Top carrying handle
  • 2 side carrying handle for briefcase style carry or easy retrieval in aircraft overhead compartments. Attachment points at side of handles for compression straps, Hitchhikers Mosquito or beavertail
  • Bottom carry handle for easy retrieval in aircraft overhead compartments
  • Padded multi-curve, multi-density shoulder straps with aluminum loops to prevent flopping ends


  • Challenge Sailcloth EPX400 Wolf Grey
  • YKK Zippers
  • MIL 17337 spec webbing
  • Mil-Spec AA55126A loop
  • Aluminium triglides and loops

Dimensions and weight

  • 18" (H) x 10" (W) x 6" (D)
  • Capacity approximately 18 litres
  • Weight: 1 kg

Proudly Designed in Singapore!

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