OV Innovations ALICE Quick Release Buckle Kit

$32.20 SGD

ALICE Quick Release Buckle Kit

A significant upgrade to the metal ladderlock buckles found on ALICE packs, this buckle kit installs without sewing and adds side release buckle functionality to your ruck. Green NIR-compliant buckles reduce the NIR signature of your pack.


Please note: Installation requires removal of the ALICE pack's metal buckles and is considered a permanent modification. The metal buckles can be removed with cutting pliers or a similar tool.

Each kit contains:
• (6x) ITW GTSR split-bar side release buckles (1x spare)
• (3x) Outer pocket replacement straps
• (1x) ITW GTLL split-bar ladderlock (for radio pocket)
• (1x) ITW GTSP Cordloc


• Materials: ITW Nexus and National Molding hardware
 Features: buckle upgrade kit to increase pack functionality
• Color: camo green SRBs and straps, black/tan misc. hardware
• Made in the US from US materials

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