Triple Aught Design Control Panel Type-M

$39 SGD

Control Panel Type-M


Control Panels are modular organization platforms that will transform the way you pack and access your gear. Built to give you the flexibility to rapidly organize, orient, and swap gear loadouts to support changing mission profiles, our Type-M Control Panels provide consistent orientation, quick access, and easy deployment for MOLLE-compatible pouches and accessories, and controlled storage for loose items. 

Meridian Deployment

  • Secured solely to the Helix attachment points inside the top, Type-M Control Panels provide immediate access to gear on one side and can be rotated out of the case to access the reverse side. This configuration can keep items out of plain sight but easily accessible, and provides quick access to your entire loadout.
  • Secured to both the top and bottom Helix attachment points, the Type-M Control Panel provides immediate access to gear on one side and prevents the panel from shifting during movement.

Standalone Deployment

  • Turn the inside of any bag into an organized, modular storage area. Swap out loadouts quickly and get more mileage from the bags you already have.
  • Duffel bags
  • Range bags
  • Bicycle/Motorcycle panniers

Use Paracord and/or Grimloc Carabiners to:

  • Secure a panel to your nightstand at home or on the road, providing immediate, organized access to lights, knives, holsters, etc.
  • Secure a panel to the back of a car seat or use as an underseat organizer.
  • Hang a panel from a wall, providing organized storage of unused gear.

Helix Attachment System

  • Inspired by the intermodal container system, our Helix (HX) attachment system provides a lightweight, modular solution for configuring storage platforms. Helix supports standardized, interconnecting modules which can be configured as fixed or railed storage, a multitude of compression and attachment options, and paneled storage configurations.


Size S:

  • MOLLE side: 6 rows x 4 columns PALS webbing
  • Pocket side: 1 vertical zippered mesh pocket

Size M:

  • MOLLE side: 6 rows x 7 columns PALS webbing
  • Pocket side: 2 vertical zippered mesh pockets

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