Triple Aught Design Spectre Chest Rig

$139 SGD

Spectre Chest Rig

(Note: Does NOT include Core Harness, Control Tab or any other accessories / backpacks shown in pictures)

Engineered as a light, durable, and modular platform for off-grid adventures, Spectre carry systems adapt to the demands of your journey, allowing you to comfortably carry the tools you need to thrive. From lightweight day trips and fast-packing to multi-day backcountry missions, Spectre was engineered to help you push your capabilities further.

The Spectre Chest Rig functions as a lightweight, chest-mounted pack. Three weather-resistant compartments provide organized access to critical gear, such as navigation equipment, first-aid tools, or a sidearm while on the move.

Modular integration between our Spectre Backpacks, Core Harness, Chest Rig and Hydration Carrier allows the user to build a custom, body-mounted carry platform and adapt it as needed.


  • A concealed loop panel on the front of the Spectre Chest Rig supports docking with hook accessories such as our Control Tab 1, patches, or other accessories.
  • Docked to our Spectre Core Harness or Backpacks, the Spectre Chest Rig provides accessible and convenient storage without having to take your pack off.


  • Ergonomically accessible zippered compartments are optimized for one handed use.
  • The primary compartment is equipped with open accessory pockets for further organization. Adjustable cord tethers allow the compartment to create a working platform when opened in the field.
  • A loop panel and tether points within the rear compartment supports Control Tabs, holster systems, and other accessories. 


  • Spectre Carry System utilizes advanced materials to create a lightweight but resilient carry system. Originally developed as a high-performance, long-life sailcloth, the shell is a durable, weather-resistant nylon laminated with a structurally reinforcing scrim.



  • Wolf Grey
    • Dimension Polyant LS-42 and X-51
  • Black
    • Dimension Polyant VX-21 and VX-42
  • 3D Spacer Mesh
  • Nylon Webbing
  • Loop fabric


  • 2.25” (5.71 cm) L x 11.0” (27.94 cm) W x 7.5” (19.05 cm) H


  • 0.28 kg (9.88 oz)


  • Front docking station for hook accessories
  • Weather resistant pocketing optimized for one hand access
  • Main compartment organization with hook accessories and pocketing
  • Back pocket loop panel connected directly to mounting harness for stable carry
  • 4 point dynamic attachment to Spectre harness backpack platforms


  • Front loop docking panel/hook closure open pocket
  • Front zipper flat pocket w/ 2 tether points
  • Main compartment
    • Loop docking panel
    • Adjustable opening cording
    • 3 open accessory pockets
  • Back storage pocket
    • Loop docking panel
    • 2 tether points


  • YKK® #5 Uretek® Water-Resistant Reverse Coil Zippers with custom molded zipper pulls
  • Duraflex Nylon hardware


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