Triple Aught Design Transport Card Sleeve

$49 SGD

Transport Card Sleeve


  • The narrow, stacked profile of the Transport Card Sleeve carries identification and payment cards without bulk. Capable of holding up to 8 standard sized cards, the Transport Card Sleeve features three quick-access locations. A viewport window keeps identification immediately visible, while a deployable wing pocket is sized for small items, such as a handcuff key or MicroSD card. Laser cut slits on the wing can retain a key or compact lockpicks. A front retaining strap holds a small amount of folded currency, receipts, or other small items.
  • Carry the minimum essentials without the bulk of a full-size wallet.

Wing Pocket

  • Pocket sized for MicroSD cards or handcuff key
  • Laser-cut slits to hold keys, shims, or lockpicks

Linear Expansion

  • Cards stay inline so wallet expands in parallel

Tailored Access

  • 3 quick-access locations, 2 of which feature thumb push out
  • Viewport window for identification
  • Front retainer strap for folded currency



  • Laser etched Hypalon Synthetic Rubber
  • 2mm Reinforced X-ply film


  • 4.375in x 2.375in (11.1cm x 6.03cm)


  • 0.05 lbs (22 grams) 

Pocket Configuration

  • Front viewport
  • Concealed flip out stash pocket
  • Concealed card pocket
  • Two quick access card pockets
  • Front retainer strap

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